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The Importance of the NFPA 70E in Building Safety

Electricity powers almost every aspect of our world, and we couldn’t live without it, but for those who have to work in close proximity to energized parts, it proves an extremely dangerous aspect of their careers. In fact, in the two decades between 1992 and 2012, there were 6,000 fatal electrical injuries and a further 30,000 nonfatal injuries, and those working in construction and maintenance occupations make up the majority of these numbers.

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Are Your Control Panels Safely Labeled?

Sometimes the smallest details should be our biggest priorities. Achieving compliant identification and safety labeling on general-use industrial control panels is key in running a safe, efficient facility. The NEC, NFPA, and OSHA have standards or regulations that we must adhere to. It’s important that these printed labels and identification materials for industrial control panels are legible and can handle environmental stress.

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