Commute Time Must-Haves

It's no secret that being in the trades often involves a fair amount of travel or a hefty commute to jobs. We at CCPS are no stranger to this road warrior world and over the years developed a solid list of essential things to keep your drive productive, mindful, and most of all positive. Need some drive time solutions? We tapped our Workplace Wellness Partner Bradford Young for some tips and here's a quick list of our must-haves.

Traffic can be a nightmare, but your car and commuter habits could be a sanctuary.

Traffic can be a nightmare, but your car and commuter habits could be a sanctuary.

Hands-Free Phone Solution

If your car is equipped with blue tooth capabilities, by all means, set this up! The safety implications of having this operating is obvious, but even more important is the ability to get calls out of the way before you get to the job-site or office. We find that this is a great time to touch base with key team members on projects, take care of problems before they arise, and check in with your main office if you are indeed working out of town.

Amazon now has Echo Auto, which is an incredible addition to your commute. Use your voice to play music, check the news, open the garage door, find the nearest gas station, and set important reminders. Not sure what the weather looks like at the facility you're headed to- ask Alexa!

Podcasts That Keep You Thinking

There's legitimately a podcast for everything these days. Want to keep up on sports, listen to human interest stories, hear insights and advancements in your trade? There's a podcast for that. Wondering what the best podcast for you is? Google some of your areas of interest followed by "podcast" and you're sure to find something of significance. "I like to learn when I’m on a long road trip or even just driving around town. I think it’s a great way to be productive and to keep your mind sharp," mentions Bradford. Time in the car listening allows you to really learn from this type of programming and reflect on big ideas being discussed. Aside from our own podcast aimed at giving advice to the small contractor, we enjoy hearing stories of entrepreneurship on How I Built This, developments in construction technology on ConTech Trio Podcast, and of course The Joe Rogan Experience.

Healthy Commuter Snacks

There's nothing worse than being in traffic and hearing your stomach growl as the flow of cars barely crawls along. It's also really easy to succumb to non-healthy food choices in these moments of weakness. Bradford points out, "The key is to be prepared. Bring a cooler. Use a local meal prep company or pack some home cooked meals before you hit the road so your not stopping at gas stations or settling for fast food when you get hungry."

Dried or hard fruits like apples, bananas, raisins, and apricots make for great snacks on the go and will suffice for your daily servings of fruit. Trail Mix is another great, healthy choice whose name is apropos to whatever trail you're taking to and from work. Though making your own does sound like a fun activity, the line up of mixes at Trader Joe's is stellar.

We know long commutes and time on the road aren't ideal, but maximizing this time to the best of your ability is guaranteed to increase productivity and performance.