Does Your Facility Have an EV Charging Station? It Should!

EV charging stations are a must-have for any forward thinking facility.

EV charging stations are a must-have for any forward thinking facility.

Electric vehicles are set to take over from traditionally fueled vehicles, and we are already seeing them everywhere in major US cities, and that trend is only going to grow. This steadily growing trend means that facilities managers have to start thinking about accommodating the growing need for charging stations outside offices and other places of business.

If that isn’t enough motivation to offer their clients better facilities, then the likelihood that the government will offer tax incentives and later mandate their implementation will. In forward-thinking cities, staying ahead of the demand will also put you ahead of the pack. Supporting this move will be a no-brainer for facilities that are dedicated to going green, or who want to support the electric vehicle industry, but those in older facilities or in less populated areas will likely want to put off installing EV charging stations until they have to.

EV charging stations a huge departure from our current transport infrastructure, and one of the best reasons to install one besides simple client satisfaction is to support your green initiative. Many cities and states are pushing commercial buildings to have a better standard of sustainability, and if you are already moving toward solar glazing, renewable energy, LEDs, solar panels, or any other energy consumption reducing equipment.

Currently, electric vehicles are largely used by those who can afford these brand-new vehicles – those who are high up in the businesses you serve. If you want to keep your clients happy for the long-term, you should take into account that not only will early adoption keep those influencers happy, but when EV adoption trickles down to the every-man, you’ll be in a position to service those people, too.

There’s growing evidence that people are more supportive and more loyal to businesses who are environment conscious, and who use this as a selling point in their marketing. If you provide EV charging stations at your facility, you and/or your clients will be able to capitalize on these benefits.

It also shows other businesses and potential hires that you or your clients’ businesses are modern and forward-thinking. As electric vehicles become more widespread, those with the vehicles will be less likely to have the room to charge their vehicles at home, and the next best location will be at their place of work.

Early adoption comes with a range of benefits, and many businesses and city planners are installing, or have plans to install, electric vehicle charging stations. If you want to be a facility that is modern, forward-thinking, and green, you should be making plans to install an EV charging station at your facility.