Got an Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program (EPM)?

Preventative maintenance is crucial and often times overlooked. Do you have one in place? If not, time to do get on it!


Equipment deterioration is normal and starts happening as soon as equipment is installed. Luckily it can be delayed through the appropriate Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program (EPM).

Deterioration is sped up in hostile environments due to severe weather, dust, rain, and other disagreeable conditions. Also known to speed up deterioration is overload and severe duty cycle.

There are a number of other factors that contribute to equipment degradation including:

A successful EPM is important for a number of extremely important reasons. Having an EPM in place reduces accidents and saves lives. It also minimizes costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of production.

These benefits fall into two categories:

  1. Direct measurable economic benefits: reduce repair costs and reduce downtime.

  2. Less measurable: improved safety, morale, and workmanship.

Bottom Line: An EMP is a form of protection against accidents, lost production and loss of profit.