Start-Up Life in Paso Robles

We are fortunate to have our headquarters right off of Highway 101 in Paso Robles, California just outside of the burgeoning Tin City. From a healthy office culture, a hard work ethic, and a drive to create lasting relationships with our clients; we enjoy the fast-paced energy of working at a start-up.

Workplace Wellness

It's no secret that workplace wellness is a priority with our team as we partnered with The Lab in Paso Robles, CA to create specialized training programs with our team members. While some of us enjoy the ever-popular 4am Club, others opt to go later in the day. Also, The Lab is a hub for The Menu which provides us with healthy, pre-made meals that are clutch on long days in the office.

Client Relationships

Building strong relationships with our clients; facility managers, ElectriSafe facilities, and Power Partners are the pillars to our company and we pride ourselves in providing quality to service to each of these. Through high level, organized project management we're able to service each client according to their specific needs. Our CEO Mike Brady puts it simply, "The client relationship is at the core of every successful business. It's not always about following a blueprint or a template. It's about understanding the client and adjusting to their needs and style of work."

Tin City

Our office is located in a burgeoning region of Paso Robles Wine Country known as Tin City. This region houses over fifteen wineries, a handful of breweries, distilleries as well as a restaurant and a delicious creamery. There is an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and community vibe in the area and we are consistently inspired by everything that is happening in the area.

Balance is the most important aspect of everything we do at our headquarters and as we grow, we learn and adjust to the changes. Being agile and constantly learning is our priority and we look forward to being a larger part of the Tin City community.