CCPS EV Services

We develop and install efficient, reliable, and beautiful electric vehicle charging stations for property owners.

Streamlined Site Project Management Services:

Our in-house project management team covers the entire Southwest and is expanding east, as fast as we can to support both property owners’ and manufacturers’ needs.

We have a dedicated site project manager for every site in development who is graded with our proprietary scorecard and held to the highest construction standards in the industry.

Procurement and Site Development:

We have a national supplier network who we purchase in bulk from, to ensure the cost per site is as low as we can get it. We leverage our buying power, combined with volume discounts and store all excess equipment and components at one of our warehousing and logistics locations, where we can easily deploy to a site at a moment’s notice.

In addition, our world-class construction, electrical, and engineering teams work hand in hand with manufacturers, utility providers, and site representatives to ensure the best design and installation possible.

Safety Culture:

We believe these Seven Guiding Principles are at the core of our safety program in delivering Operational Excellence:

  1. We will drive a zero-incident safety culture on all projects

  2. We will always meet or exceed customers expectation

  3. Identify abnormal conditions, evaluate the risk and begin resolution immediately

  4. We expect to achieve 100% compliance

  5. All Power Partners are expected to identify and correct unsafe conditions/actions immediately

  6. We follow written procedures for high risk or unusual situations

  7. We will involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment