Core Values

CCPS believes a positive safety culture driven by its leadership is our number one core value. At CCPS the Environmental, Health, and Safety program is one driven by leadership but owned by our employees and Power Partners. A zero incident safety culture will take a commitment from everyone working within the CCPS network.

CCPS has developed a progressive and forward thinking EH&S program that addresses corporate, project, site, and task, driven guidance for the performance of our employees and Power Partners. Our EH&S program works within the framework of all applicable federal, state, client, and corporate policies, procedures, and laws. This includes but is not limited to the following agencies; OSHA, NFPA, Cal OSHA, EPA, DOT, FMSA, PHMSA, and others.

CCPS requires its employees and Power Partners to meet safety policies that are specific to our company. If CCPS implements these additional policies, they must have more stringent safety requirements than the overseeing agency. These policies can be found listed in the Safety Program Addendum at the end of this safety program when applicable.

All employees will receive interactive safety training using the information contained in this safety program. For this training, we may have safety meetings, on-the-job training, on-line courses, formal instruction, and/or any other relevant methods needed.

Safety training needs will be identified by continual reassessment of work methods, equipment, and workstations; as well as employee and management input.

Frequent and regular job site inspections will be conducted by supervisory personnel and/or other competent persons. Employees in violation of the established safety procedures of CCPS will be subject to our disciplinary procedures. Observation of unsafe acts will be addressed immediately.

On every job site, there will be a competent person, depending on the project and task being executed, competent persons will be determined by training, experience or a combination of both. The competent person will have the right to use Stop Work Authority along with all CCPS employees and Power Partners on our projects. If an employee or Power Partners stops work for an unresolved health, environmental, or safety hazard, the supervisor will be contacted immediately.

Equipment operator/owner manuals will be readily available and the safety procedures contained therein will be followed. Equipment will be inspected prior to use and, if defective, tagged out of service. Manufacturer’s warning labels on all equipment will not be removed, painted over or defaced.

Emergency medical response will be available on every job site either by an emergency rescue service within reasonable distance, by time, or an assigned emergency responder.

A zero incident safety culture requires not only that each person understands and performs individual tasks that are well thought out and planned out, but also that each individual is aware of his or her surroundings and is actively involved in the safety of others.

All employees and Power Partners shall contact their supervisor immediately should a safety or health risk exist so that corrective action may be taken immediately.